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Product Overview
IPAS (Intelligent Proximity Alert System)

IPAS is a safety-assisting device which prevents collisions between pedestrians and vehicles by signaling dangers in 2-way communication to both driver and pedestrian in industrial site.

Each device determines the distance from the vehicle tag based on the time delay of the return signal. With Ultrawideband technology, IPAS measures the distance precisely and provides highly reliable collision warnings. This system is designed not only for anti-collision between vehicle and people, but also for vulnerable areas (e.g. intersections, corners).

Key Features

High Precision UWB

IPAS employs Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to provide precise, real-time monitoring of distances between personnel and moving equipment. UWB can provide centimeter-level accuracy in distance measurements, even in multipath or non-line-of-sight environments. IPAS is ideal for environments where precise location tracking and immediate response capabilities are crucial for safety.

Bidirectional Multi-factor Alert

To prevent collisions between workers and vehicles on industrial sites, IPAS provides bidirectional audiovisual alerts to both workers and vehicle drivers. It allows for the setting of various caution and danger zones according to the site environment and provides alerts accordingly.

Easy Installation & Operation

KIGIS® Safety Solutions are designed to meet industrial standards, ensuring high reliability, and are compatible with all construction machinery and industrial vehicles, including forklifts, excavators, loaders, tractors, and dump trucks. Thanks to the out-of-the-box no-registration and no-calibration installation procedure, you can easily install our devices without damaging the vehicles due to the no-drilling-required and user-friendly design.

PC Toolkit Support

IPAS provides a Toolkit that enables easy environmental settings through the PC. Device settings, danger and caution zone settings, firmware updates, and more can be conveniently configured via the PC.


KIGIS® products can be integrated with external devices such as access gates, lamps, and control devices to implement various industrial safety scenarios. You can create various safety scenarios tailored to your workplace.

Platform Integrability

IPAS can provide event data like proximity alerts to the platforms for safety management.


IPAS: Collision Avoidance System

Vehicle to Pedestrian Collision Avoidance

VEHICLE TAG detects PEDESTRIAN TAG within the range of 1 to 30 meters. When detecting a pedestrian, INDICATOR presents the direction of the tags and makes an audible alert "watch out" or "danger". At the same time, PEDESTRIAN TAG makes a vibration and beep warning.

Vehicle to Vehicle Collision Avoidance

VEHICLE TAG detects other VEHICLE TAG within the range of 1 to 30 meters. When detecting a vehicle, INDICATOR indicates the direction of tags and makes audible warnings

Dangerous Zone

FLASHLIGHT ZONE TAG detects VEHICLE TAG within the range of 1 to 30 meters. When detecting a vehicle, FLASHLIHGT ZONE TAG makes a visual and beep warning.


CROSSWAY ZONE TAG detects VEHICLE TAG within the range of 1 to 30 meters. When detecting a vehicle, CROSSWAY ZONE TAG makes a traffic light on the LED screen, a spotlight to the floor, and an audible warning. At the same time, INDICATOR on the vehicle also gives a sound alarm to the driver.

IPAS: Collision Avoidance System

Idle Time

Idle Time is beneficial for both drivers and pedestrians who work very closely within a certain range for a long period of time. The alarm automatically becomes silent after the pre-configured idle time passes and will not alert again until either one moves out from the other.

Driver Mode

Driver Mode provides a quiet driving environment for drivers. By connecting a magnetic placed inside a vehicle with an armband, the driver is able to totally mute the pedestrian tag. Once you finish the trip and pull the magnetic key out of the armband, the driver mode is over and back to normal IPAS mode.

Safety Zone

Safety Zone creates a mute environment within a certain zone. Once the silence tag detects a pedestrian tag within the preconfigured range, any pedestrian tag will not be affected by surrounding devices and eventually become silent. The pedestrian tag will re-alert once leaving out of the zone.


IPAS Components

Vehicle Tag

Provides proximity detection among pedestrians and vehicles


Offers audible and visual alarm

Provides distance/volume setting

Installed on dashboard inside the driver’s cabin

Pedestrian Tag

Detects approaching vehicles and provides proximity alert to pedestrians

Configurable and rechargeable

Flashlight Zone Tag

Detects approaching vehicles

Offers audible and visual alarm to surrounding workers

Installed in various places

Crossway Zone Tag

Detects approaching vehicles

Offers audible alarm and LED signs

Projects spot light onto the floor

Installed at multi-way intersection (Ceiling Mounted)