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Your Ultimate Solution to Protect Your Assets and Drivers from False Claims.

Embrace the power of prevention
with Motor Guardian Cam

Every statistic tells a story of what could have been prevented.
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Average cost of tractor trailer crashes (FMCSA)


Daily distracted drivers (NOPUS,2011)

0 %

Of commercial crashes are due to avoidable driver error (NSTSCE, 2015)

When cameras are used…

0 %

Decrease in collision frequencies
(HHS, 2017) 

0 %

Reduction of safety related events as a result of driver coaching (NSTSC, 2015)

0 %

Decrease in accident-related costs
(HHS, 2017)

Why Motor Guardian Cam?

In an era where every second on the road counts, dashcams are not just optional—they’re essential. With Motor Guardian Cam, protect your assets from false claimsreduce unnecessary costs, and enhance driver accountability. It’s time to make smart driving decisions backed by undeniable evidence.

Commercial Grade Design

Heavy Duty cameras and alert systems engineered for unwavering reliability.

Layers of Security Features

Built-in safeguards provide comprehensive protection, ensuring peace of mind on the road and warehouse/construction sites.

High ROI Rate

No Recurring Fees. No Monthly Subscriptions. No Hidden costs; just pure value.

*except for MGC-12 product

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Experience responsive support that puts you in control. Response time in less than 24 hours!

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