SD card based 2CH DVR with 4G capability


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Smallest mobile DVR ever

The small size of the MG-41 allows flexible installation locations in vehicles. Compared with other dash cams, the MG41 will be able to connect to AHD vehicle cameras which will provide customizable camera placements based on vehicle requirements.

Dustproof Design

The MG41 DVR has a dust proof design which makes it the standard DVR to be installed in heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles. Due to its size advantage, creative mounting solutions are possible due to its ease of installation.

Rich Interface and All-In-One Design

Rich interfaces including alarm inputs/outputs, RS232, video outputs. Built-in GPS/3G/LTE/G-sensor provide functional features working with multiple platforms.


Product Highlights
  • Compact design, super mini size for flexible installations
  • H.265 video recording, saving up to 50% video storage and data streaming
  • Support to connect to any types of vehicles camera for installation in any location
  • Industry level design: dustproof and high temperature resistance for commercial vehicles
  • Built-in 3G/LTE/GPS/G-SENSOR
  • Alarm triggering system avoid damaging by drivers or passengers